In this first update, we've improved the interface giving ToffeeShare a more modern look and feel. We’ve tried to keep it subtle, keeping our identity intact.
Some known issues with transfers have been fixed ensuring a more stable connection. Transfer speeds should also have been improved by a small margin.
Behind the scenes a lot more has changed. To get a bit more technical, the whole code base has had a complete overhaul. This was to be able to create a solid base for some more impactful updates that are coming up.

All of the updates below are planned for the near future, but we need your help to choose in which order they will be released:

Transfer to multiple people at once

We’ve had some requests asking for a way to send the same file to multiple people at once. This is of course already possible, however when sending large files it could be that someone would have to wait until a previous transfer is completed. We want to get rid of this issue, allowing you to have more than one transfer from the same share active.

Restore your file transfer on connection loss

Suddenly disconnecting from your internet while transferring large files can be quite frustrating. That’s why we want to implement a solution to solve this problem, automatically restoring and resuming your file transfer when your connection comes back online.

An Android and iOS app

Many of you have requested this, and we’ve promised it a couple of times now. We’ve even put a fair amount of work into it already. The native version allows you to keep your shares active at all times (if you so wish), as long as your phone is on. Transfer speeds will also be faster than on our mobile website, and we have some more unique features coming up.