A couple of weeks ago we decided it was time for a new design for the website. We've had the same design for a couple of years now, and it kind of limited what we would do with our homepage. The new design still uses some familiar elements of the old user interface combined with some new idea's.

Thanks to your feedback

If some of the idea's seem familiar, that's no coincidence. We used all the feedback you send us to make the homepage and app features more clear. We would like to hear what you think of our new design, so don't hesitate to send us a message via the contact form! I haven't been able to check all the messages you sent me the past couple of weeks, so if you're still waiting for a response, don't worry I'll get back to you :)

More is coming up!

Such as being able to protect your transfers with an additional password. We will also be focussing on our apps a bit more. Improvements for the Android and Windows applications, but also finally taking the first steps towards launching the iOS app!