Sharing files without the cloud is possible using a peer to peer application such as ToffeeShare, but there's a downside: as soon as you turn your computer off your files will no longer be available for download. You can of course turn your computer back on to continue sharing, but this is not always ideal.

What actually happens

The reason for this is that with a peer to peer connection or sometimes called a direct connection basically you become the server and of course a server must always be on when someone tries to receive information.

Steps to transfer files anyway

I added a new feature that allows you to safely turn off your computer while still keeping your files available without them being stored in the ckloud.

  • First of all just select one or more files like you normally would on your computer.

  • You might notice that a new checkbox has appeared in the next step reading: Long term sharing via mobile phone (beta). This checkbox allows you to (temporarily) store the files you're about to send on your Android phone.

  • Tick the checkbox and you should see a QR code appear.

  • You should use the ToffeeShare Android app to scan this QR code. The Android app can be found on Google Play simply by searching for ToffeeShare.

  • Once you have the ToffeeShare app installed, navigate to Settings in the bottom tab bar and click on Connect to PC

  • Scan the QR code displayed on your computer, the files will now automatically be uploaded to your mobile phone!

  • Once the uploading process is complete use the same share code (on your computer) to transfer the files to your recipient.

  • You can now safely close the browser or your computer. The files will remain accessible as long as you have an active internet connection on your phone.

  • Done sharing? Just remove the transfer in the ToffeeShare app and nobody will be able to access the files.

How does it work?

The mobile app will stay dormant in the background until someone uses your share link. The app will use little to now power until someone accesses your personal share link. The Android app will then make the files avaiable for download for the recipient. Once the transfer is complete the app will go back to sleep again, until someone else starts downloading the files.

Meanwhile the files are stored in special ToffeeShare folder in the default Download folder of your phone. You can delete the files either from inside the app or using a file manager. We advice you to use the app however, because that will also clear the download history.