A while back someone send me a message via the contact form with a great list of tools that are in one way or another similar to ToffeeShare. It's great to see that are a lot of other tools out there that value privacy as much as we do. There may be some rivalry with some of these tools, but ultimately we all have a shared goal: keeping the internet (a bit more) decentralized.

That's why I decided to post the list here. If ToffeeShare doesn't get the job done for you, hopefully there's a tool that does here :)


Has been around longer than ToffeeShare and to my knowledge one of the first to utilize in browser peer to peer technology as we do. We actually felt a bit stupid when we discovered this tool after coming up with the name ToffeeShare. File.pizza uses WebTorrent instead of a direct WebRTC connection. Project development seems to have come to a halt, but the website is still up and running.

Fastest Fish

Again a bit of an older tool. The seem to have pulled the plug on development, but the tool is still working as far as I can tell. They have decided to dedicate their website to collecting mostly browser based file sharing tools that are peer to peer. If you don't find anything you fancy on this list, their website is sure to provide you with some extra options.


Our biggest rival! But seriously, they do a great job with a completely different approach. Instead of sharing a link to your files they have based their system on AirDrop. This means you create a channel with a colleague or friend in which you can freely transfer files to one another. This can be handy if you know you're going to share many files over a longer period of time.

Desktop tools

The list below still needs some grooming. Most of these tools require at least some level of technical skill


A tool I used a whole lot back when I was still using Windows. It allows for easy server access over sftp, but you can also use it to host your own file server locally for when you frequently have to share files with colleagues. Beware though: their installer something contains bloatware, so be very careful when installing this tool. You'll have to uncheck some checkboxes during the installation process.


A simple Linux tool to share files over HTTP directly from your device. You need a little bit more technical know-how to use this tool, but otherwise it provides you with a very fast solution to transfer files.

More coming soon!