Always, always a direct connection
While some products claim they are peer to peer, in many cases  your data will still flow through their servers when a direct path cannot be made. Take Skype for example : it can work peer to peer, but it’s usually relays the data over their own servers when the connection goes through a symmetric network.

We put our efforts and money into finding that direct path, rather than to buy some heavy duty servers to make you think it’s peer to peer. (Also it saves us money in the long run, but don’t tell anyone!)

Validata Protocol
The Validata protocol is a protocol on top of UDP that makes it reliable. Compared to the TCP protocol it uses only ¼ of the feedback packets.

Validata was designed to keep feedback to a minimum while keeping 100% data integrity. It’s a very modern protocol that supports end-to-end encryption and ‘senses’ changes in stability of the network, so it can anticipate on that. The low number of feedback packets and small transport related footprint makes it a very lightweight protocol, ensuring fast and reliable transfers without the chance of overloading your network.

Here are some results from tests when sending a 1GB file from one computer to another on WAN network. Note that transfer speeds will be even higher when using a cable.


Raw line throughput: 15Mbps

Shared folder (SAMBA)
average send: 11.4 Mbps
Feedback overhead: 812Kbps

Send speed: 12.1 Mbps
Feedback overhead: 16kbps



End-to-end encryption
We are constantly improving on our encryption layer. While we might have made the Validata protocol in-house, we do not take any chances with encryption. To ensure the safety of your data we only rely on proven, standardized encryption techniques. ToffeeShare currently uses an implementation of DTLS 1.2. If you have any questions about our security or encryption, please do not hesitate to contact us at Also, there’s always room for more security experts in our team.