A knowledge base with the most common issues and questions about transferring your files with ToffeeShare, and file sharing in general.

🍬  Why peer to peer?

Peer to peer communication means the communication flows directly between two devices rather than via an intermediate server. This means your data will not be stored somewhere else before it reaches its destination. ToffeeShare achieves this via WebRTC, a relatively new communication API used in modern browsers. Under the hood of WebRTC is a protocol called STUN.

As the image above illustrates this also allows for a much higher transfer speed. Simply because you completely skip the whole upload to a server

What might be interesting to know is that ToffeeShare initially started out as a native application, running our own proprietary version of the STUN protocol. When we discovered this had also become possible within the browser we decided to focus on that first. We might still launch the native version in the near future, but this is currently not a priority. Feel free to contact us about it, so we can give you a demo.

🍬  Why end to end encryption?

With basic encryption your data is made incomprehensible to make sure nobody can listen in when you’re connected with a server. This is safe in most cases, but if for whatever reason a server is compromised or or hacked, the privacy of your data is in jeopardy. End to end encryption solves this problem by leaving out the man in the middle. Instead of on the server, encryption will be done directly between the sender and receiver.

Nowadays more and more services that take security in mind adopt this idea. The downside is that both parties have to be online at the same time in order to make the required agreement to make end to end encryption possible. And of course there are the services that have other reasons for sticking as man in the middle.

There are many different ways of making end to end encryption possible, but ToffeeShare uses the default WebRTC implementation, which currently is DTLS v1.2, an industry standard. The encryption will automatically update when your browser does, so you are always sure to have the latest version running (as long as you keep your browser up-to-date of course).

🍬  How can I send multiple files with the same link?

Just select multiple files like you normally would browsing your computer or mobile device. The received will be notified you're trying to send multiple files and can see the total file size.

🍬  It starts downloading but crashes at 100% (or before)

Some browsers do not support directly downloading to your download folder. Safari is known to have this issue. As a fallback we have to save the entire file in memory, which may cause some strange and unexpected result when downloading large files (3/4GB+). Sometimes it might crash the browser tab or in very rare cases even the entire web browser(!).
That's why we advice you to use either Chrome, Firefox or a modern version of Edge. These browsers allow us to download straight to your computer so don't have this issue.

🍬  It keeps saying: could not connect to sender

ToffeeShare requires the sender to be online in order to establish a peer to peer connection. If the sender is offline or has closed the browser tab containing the files, the files are simply no longer available. Please ask the sender if he can send you another link.

If the sender still has the browser tab open, but uses a mobile phone, ask them to reopen the web browser with ToffeeShare open. Some mobile browsers will go into hibernation when the phone is put to standby or another app is opened.

🍬  The progress bar is stuck at 0%

ToffeeShare has been tested on many different networks, but we can't guarantee that it will work everywhere. If the progress bar is stuck at 0% it usually means a connection cannot be made. When sharing from a mobile phone you could try to switch from a mobile network to WiFi. If it feels like something is not working as it should please send us a message.

🍬  It says 100% but I don't see the file(s)

To be able to download large files, we start downloading straight to your computer using the built in browser file downloader. This process however sporadically fails to kick in, meaning the file is downloading, but not being saved. What usually helps is to just restart the transfer, you should see a message appear as if you're downloading a general file from a website. If this however keeps happening, please contact us, because it means something else might be wrong.